• Reach your full potential

    Reach your full potential

  • At the heart of your financial strategies

    At the heart of your financial strategies

  • Secure your financial situation

    Secure your financial situation

  • Reach your financial heights

    Reach your financial heights

  • Your financial

    Your financial "coach"

  • A safekeeper for your assets

    A safekeeper for your assets

Our independance

Independence is the cornerstone of our approach. It allows us to act with integrity towards our customers in terms of financial products that will be recommended. At Savard and Associates Financial Group "independence" means:

-  No "In-House" products to distribute;

-  No selling quota to meet;

-  Complete freedom to distribute financial products that WE carefully select;

-  Partners who are not owned by a bank or by an insurance company;

-  No financial incentive to recommend a financial product over another.

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