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    Reach your full potential

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    At the heart of your financial strategies

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    Secure your financial situation

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    Reach your financial heights

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    Your financial "coach"

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    A safekeeper for your assets

Debt Management

As financial planners, one of our strength lies in the ability to assist you, not only in managing your assets, but in managing your debt load as well. Debt management can be just as important, if not more, than asset management. Sound debt management helps to reduce your overall financial risk while building financial security. As well, some liabilities could possibly be converted into deductible payments by implementing certain key financial strategies. Thus, with a view to optimize your financial resources, we strongly encourage you to contact us for a free assessment of your financial situation.

For those looking to better manage their mortgage, to refinance, purchase, renovate, or simply to get the best mortgage programs out there, we invite you to visit the complete website enclosed. It will help you get a strong feel for the services provided by Marie-Claude Savard and Paskale Jobin.

Let us help you to optimize the management of your liabilities.


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